Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Human Brain is Too Small, or the Internet's Too Big

So I did a little design work today, a logo, just for fun:

As far as I knew, it wasn't a company, I was just doing it for the sake of designing. I was Stumbling (Using StumbleUpon, rather than losing my balance), and came across a website called BoxSevenBox. I figured that without the second unnecessary 'box', it would be a quite good company name, and decided to create a logo for it. Rather than just leave it at 'BoxSeven', I thought I'd put 'media' at the end, to make it look good. So that was that.
Simply curious, I Googled "box seven", to see if it actually existed. I found Box-seven Media. It's not even a particularly obvious name. It could have been Box Twelve just as easily, but no, seven. And the 'media' bit was there too. That's a huge enough coincidence, without the added fact that their colour scheme was largely orange too.
Coincidence? Clearly. Magic? Probably not.
I figure that either the human brain is so small that it cannot link the word 'box' with anything other than 'seven' and 'media', or the more likely option, that the internet is so huge that the likelihood is that every single combination of words is a website. Well, really, neither are particularly likely...
I know, it's a bad story, but I needed an excuse to show off my new logo work.
Anybody else encountered a strange coincidence?


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